Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unbelievable chutzpa

Jordan says it will reevaluate its relations with Israel. Amman is reportedly "infuriated" by Israel's offensive in Gaza.

The unmitigated gall!

Jordanian Prime Minister Nader Dahabi said Sunday that Amman reserves the right to reexamine its relations with Jerusalem in light of the recent developments in Gaza.

"The Jordanian government reserves the right to reevaluate its ties with any element, let alone Israel, in accordance with the need to maintain our national interests," he told the parliament.

Twenty-one of Jordan's parliamentarians sent their chairman a letter demanding Jordan sever all ties with Israel without delay and expel the Israeli ambassador to Amman, in view of the "Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip."

The king, at least, appears to be holding this off for the time being.

This is the "peace" for which Israel has made so many concessions and labored diplomatically for decades. Amman should have been infuriated by the Hamas offensive against a neighboring country with which it has a "peace treaty." But, no. Self-defense is a privilege forbidden to Jews.

Once upon a time (38 years ago), Jordan's had to deal with its own terrorist threat -- from the PLO. Some have even suggested that Black September was a disproportionate response. And who pulled King Hussein's ass out of the fire when Syria took advantage of the Arab world's fury and sent tanks toward Amman?

When the palestinian casualties in Gaza begin to approach a tiny fraction of those in Black September, Jordan will still be a long way from having the right to criticize Israel's current response.