Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rattling Larry's "reality"

Yikes. The almost-always offensive Larry Derfner has really gone and stepped in it this time. Armed with absolutely no facts and even less logic, Derfner has assigned Philippe Karsenty, Richard Landes and anyone else who attests to the by-now-all-too-obviously staged nature of the Mohammed Al Dura hoax to the conspiracy theory loony bin.

In fact, Karsenty, Richard Landes and the rest of the conspiracy theorists have so much evidence that it may even add up to .001% of the evidence that the Mafia, or Castro, or the Pentagon killed JFK. They may have the merest, slightest fraction of the evidence there is that Shimon Peres masterminded the Rabin assassination, or that the Mossad was behind 9/11.

In other words, it's a bunch of crap, all these theories that say journalist Charles Enderlin, his Palestinian cameraman, al-Dura's father, a hospital in Gaza, a hospital in Amman, the Jordanian ambassador to Israel, the UN, the Palestinian people and/or any number of other anti-Semites conspired to stage the killing of that 11-year-old boy.

Larry ... buy a clue. The truth is out there.