Sunday, May 4, 2008

The world's a stage

And the action's all in Gaza, where Hamas is playing its part to the hilt. Too bad about the bit players in its little drama. They can starve to death, for all Hamas cares. The important thing is that they (the little people) must keep playing the victim (with remarkable realism) while the terrorist thugs play hero -- all to thundering applause on that global stage.

The IDF was forced on Sunday to halt deliveries through the Karni border crossing and the Nahal Oz fuel terminal, as vehicles came under Palestinian mortar shell fire whilst attempting to transfer food and fuel to Gazans, reported Israel Radio.

Police said that approximately 50 trucks of supplies were forced to turn back as a result of the barrage.

Meanwhile, Hamas has started using police cars to ferry around Palestinians because of severe fuel shortages.

Orange stickers reading, "We are ready to drive you for free," were affixed to blue units of the Hamas-run police force.

Israel has restricted fuel supplies to Gaza in an attempt to pressure Palestinian terrorists to halt their rocket barrages at nearby Israeli communities.

Although Hamas complains bitterly about fuel shortages, it is widely believed that it has hoarded supplies for its own use - especially now that it is offering its vehicles to ferry people for free.

However many residents, hit by lack of other transport, were just grateful for the service.

Suzan Salman, 48, used one of the police cars to take her to a downtown hospital, where her daughter had just given birth. "It's good that we have somebody who cares about us," the grandmother said.

"We are here to serve our people," said Mohammed Hamza, a 25-year-old Hamas policeman.

Bravo! A masterful performance, I must say. Oh, yes, indeed. They're there to serve their people, all right. Serving up fifty tons of pig manure in a five pound bag. Of course, the last thing Hamas wants is for Israel to deliver food and fuel to the suffering population of Gaza, especially in the glare of the spotlights where its disappearance into a private Hamas depot would be noticed. Why, that wouldn't be remotely in keeping with the character Hamas has assigned to Israel in this scene. It would ruin everything.

The sickest part of this farce is the failure of most of the rest of the world to understand that it's being played. PT Barnum (or whoever) was right.

This guy gets it.

However, one Gaza resident, a 33-year-old man who gave his name only as Jamal, refused the offer, saying it was a publicity stunt. He blamed Hamas for the fuel shortages.

"They want to fool the people," he said, declining to give his last name for fear of reprisals from the terrorist group. "They are trying make the people forget who is behind our suffering."
This one, of course, doesn't.
UN official Chris Gunnes said Sunday that the world body did not receive fuel and had to cancel its distribution of food to Palestinian refugees set for Monday. He refused to say who he thought was responsible for the shortage.
Chris is an idiot. But, then, he's playing a part (with remarkable realism) as well.

As long as they have an audience, Hamas isn't going to let the curtain come down on this unfolding human tragedy. Isn't it way past time to empty the house? Hey, right about now might be a good time to yell "fire!" in this particular crowded theater.