Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do not adjust your ... set

Cue in the music. You're definitely entering ... the Twilight Zone.

Regarding the Gaza blockade, [Israeli Prime Minister] Olmert said Israel was continuing to impose sanctions in a controlled manner in order to prevent a humanitarian disaster. He stressed that Gazans would not live normal lives as long as Israel is under fire. "We view Hamas as being responsible for everything that happens in the Gaza Strip, irrespective of whether its operatives are involved in every single incident," he added.

Olmert also praised the 2005 disengagement from Gaza. "Despite the [continuing] Kassam fire, it was a very good move since there are no longer 30,000 soldiers protecting 1,200 citizens," he said.

Ok. The man is certifiably insane. I'm beginning to think ... criminally insane. How do you even try to respond to the falsehoods and distortions in that sentence? But, let's just graze the surface of the scum.

There were more than 8,000 residents living comfortably and productively in Gush Katif alone before Olmert and Sharon literally ripped them from their homes, their communities and their livelihood. And, lest we forget, they had been invited there by their government.

"30,000 soldiers protecting 1,200 citizens?" What planet is Olmert living on?

Today, thanks to his "very good move," there are over 20,000 residents of Sderot under constant fire, not to mention the inhabitants of Negev kibbutzim such as Be'eri and Nir Am, such as Zikkim, Karmia and Yad Mordecai, all betrayed like their "relocated" former neighbors, first by the actions and then by the false promises of the same Olmert and Sharon.

Families are destitute. Children are losing lives, losing legs, losing hope. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers are still being killed and kidnapped fighting the terrorists in Gaza, who are now better armed, better funded and much better situated to attack deeper and deeper into "Israel proper." And Olmert has the unmitigated gall to say that this disaster, the "humanitarian disaster" that he perpetrated, was "a very good move?"

I'm told I shouldn't blog when I'm angry. And that's undoubtedly good advice. But not blogging when I'm angry virtually means not blogging at all these days. Anyone who can watch this moron get away with one tragic, catastrophic mistake after another (all the while patting himself heartily on the back) and not get angry doesn't have a heart. Sorry. It's not me, babe.