Monday, February 4, 2008


I'm afraid the word is overused these days to such an extent that we've become numb to its meaning. The "peace camp" says we empower terrorists by "occupying" Arab lands. The other side (my side) responds that, no, we empower them by capitulation, appeasement and PC paralysis. But one thing I think we can all agree empowers them is success.

A "successful" terrorist attack never reduces the likelihood of more and bigger terrorist attacks. It usually motivates more. And it empowers the terrorists because it rallies their base behind them and gives them a sense of accomplishment while at the same time providing yet another paradigm of "martyrdom" for young people to aspire to and follow.

Today's suicide bombing in Dimona empowers Hamas by diverting the attention of Gaza's residents from the horrific situation into which their so-called leaders continue to push them ever deeper. Perversely but predictably, it gives them cause to celebrate (when was the last time you heard about Israelis celebrating in the streets over the assassination of a murdering terrorist thug, BTW?) The Gazans are doling out sweets today both to cheer the death of innocent civilians and to honor the vermin responsible for it.

This is the true "cycle of violence." One act of terror begets another in exactly this way. It isn't "root causes" or poverty or oppression. It isn't "the occupation" or "resistance." It's violence for the sake of violence, death for the sake of death, ever more deeply embedded in the hearts and the culture of these people who are daily programmed to believe that nothing but a torrent of Jewish blood will ever give them respite from their self-imposed "plight." It's clear to see for all those who will. What will it take?