Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As you may have noticed, this blog doesn't pretend to be technologically sophisticated. I realize that I could increase my coverage and my readership by adding a few modest increments here and there and some day I may do exactly that. But at the moment it's all I can do to find time to post an occasional thought or rant. So I suspect my readers are and will remain into the indefinite future a small and select minority.

To all of those who constitute that minority ... many thanks and I hope I occasionally reward your patience and your persistence.

A corollary to this technological inepitude or indifference (as the case may be) is that I still do not own a laptop. This allows me to actually, from time to time, take ... a true vacation ... something that I find increasingly rare among my fellow inhabitants of the 21st century of this Common Era.

Every 24 months or so I have an opportunity to hop across the ponds, as it were, to visit my family in Jerusalem. And as I am about to do exactly that, I expect things will be rather slow around here for a while. I will have access to someone else's computer and I'll try to post something from time to time but, as usual on these trips, I will probably be far too busy, intrigued and enthralled to do an awful lot of blogging. Apologies in advance.