Friday, March 7, 2008

Read and weep



Soccer Dad


LGF ... and LGF ... and LGFBoker Tov Boulder ... and BTB again

Israelly Cool

Elder of Ziyon ... and here ... and here ... and here

Sometimes I wonder. Will there come a day when the righteous rage of the Jewish people will reach critical mass and boil up in a conflagration the likes of which the world has never seen? Or will we just continue nursing it and smothering it and keeping it in check, hoping it will recede again, hoping against hope that we can prevent an event that will ignite it again. It had been 1,261 days since the last major terrorist attack in Jerusalem, so .... Never mind Sderot. And Ashkelon. And the summer of 2006. Where, exactly, is that fuse?

Do me a favor. Click on every one of those links. Really. They're all worth your time. And your tears. And your rage. Don't hold it back. How do you breed the kind of sub-human who could open fire on dozens of seminary students huddled over their books in a library? What kind of "society" could produce such a monstrosity, such a debased life form? And why is so much of Western "civilization" so dead set on preserving, protecting and praising the perpetrators of such acts and the depraved culture and twisted faith that engender them?

Questions to ponder. Questions that could make you go stark raving mad.