Monday, April 7, 2008

Just my opinion

McCain/Rice -- very bad.

McCain/Romney -- not bad.

Once upon a time, I wouldn't have minded seeing Rice at the top of the ticket. Now, she's done enough damage. It's time for her to collect her reward from the foreign sources she caters to and go off on a nice lecture circuit. Or buy a football team. Whatever.

And Condi Rice may be a household name, but in most households she's inextricably linked with George W. Bush. That's not a good direction for the Republicans to be going in right now. If they actually want to win the election, that is.

Meanwhile, the "social conservatives" notwithstanding, there are a lot of reasons why Romney would make a very good choice for VP. He won't get it, though.

Hey, I thought Ron Paul dropped out of the Presidential race a month ago. Seems not, at least according to this item at WorldNetDaily (caveat), backed up by some blitherings at (no, I will not link to that).

BLAINE, Minn. – Ron Paul supporters shook things up in at least three of Minnesota's congressional district conventions yesterday when they captured nearly all of the national delegates and alternates for the Republican National Convention this fall.

[ ... ]

Paul has remained in the presidential race despite the fact McCain has now earned enough delegates to become the Republican nominee for president.