Sunday, January 13, 2008

Barenboim: update

Did you expect otherwise?

Despite strong objections from Israeli politicians to Israeli pianist Daniel Barenboim's act of accepting a Palestinian passport, Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit has no plans to annul his Israeli citizenship.

Shas faction chairman, MK Yakov Margi, was quick to denounce Barenboim and call for his status as an Israeli citizen to be annulled. "It's an embarrassment to the State that a person like this has Israeli citizenship...I am sure that in the eyes of Israeli citizens, he has lost the moral authority to be Israeli."

Interior Minister Sheetrit told Ynet that "the matter is not even up for discussion."

That's right, of course.

According to the law, the interior minister is conferred the right of abrogating the citizenship of an Israeli in the case of fraud or a breach of trust. Emigration or receiving citizenship in an enemy state are considered breaches of trust and are liable to lead to the annulment of citizenship.

The Palestinian Authority, which is not officially considered an enemy state, does not fall into the category of such a state.

Only, IMO, because it isn't considered a state at all. Yet.