Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Truth and consequences

One Jerusalem hosted an enlightening blogger conference call with Ambassador Dore Gold yesterday. I lurked and took notes. But rather than transcribe them here, I'm mostly just going to refer you to Omri's excellent report and commentary at Mere Rhetoric.

One point that Omri didn't mention was Ambassador Gold's pointed indictment of the 2005 Sharon/Olmert 'disengagement' debacle. He pointed out that the comprehensive pullout allowed international terrorist organizations and their state sponsors to greatly increase their activity and involvement in Gaza. The situation has rapidly deteriorated, he said, due to the fact that Israel, under great pressure from the U.S., abandoned its security contol over the Philadelphia corridor, relying on the short-lived presence of EU observers and the worthless assurances of the Egyptians.

As a result, Gaza continues to be flooded with weapons, money and equipment intended to supply and abet Hamas. And, of course, the Israeli communities near the border have been subjected to ongoing rocket attacks on a daily basis. Ambassador Gold drew the obvious conclusion that an Israeli pullout from Judea and the rest of Samaria and/or from Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, can be expected to yield a similar result, with the new targets being Jerusalem itself as well as Ben Gurion airport.

You can listen to the whole thing here, at One Jerusalem. Please do.