Sunday, January 20, 2008

True grit

Major kudos to Robert Spencer, both for his attempts to bridge the gap between the two warring sides of the anti-jihadi camp and for his refusal to ignore the writing on the wall once it became clarified to his satisfaction.

As I have said before, I completely disavow all racist and neo-Nazi ideas. I also disavow all race-based approaches to the jihad threat, for the reasons explained above, and will not work with the VB or the BNP. I hope other anti-jihadists will find those arguments compelling and follow suit. In the recent bitter controversy between Charles Johnson and a group of counterjihadists over the nature of the VB, it does appear quite clearly from this new alliance, if it wasn't already, that Charles was right. The VB needs to do much more, and much more clearly, if it really wishes to avoid appearing to oppose Islamization solely on racial grounds. This angry, ugly rift between people I love and respect has disheartened me greatly. I hope now that it can be healed, and that out of it will come a more clearly defined sense of who we are and what we are trying to do.

Charles weighed the evidence and reached his conclusions a few months ago and he's been taking a lot of heat for it ever since. Robert strove mightily to maintain a non-partisan outlook but only as long as he could do so in good conscience.

Two separate instances of integrity in action. Not something we see a lot of these days.