Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Empty threats

It's yet more theater of the absud.

If Israel continues to intensify its military campaign in the Gaza Strip, than Hamas will change it's [sic] policy regarding kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Schalit, Osama Mazini, the Hamas official in charge of negotiations over the captured soldier, said on Wednesday.

Military expert Ron Ben-Yishai on the situation in Gaza

"We will not be able to quietly take the continuation of assassinations and raids that the enemy is conducting in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank," Mazini said during an interview on the Hamas television station, Al-Aksa, warning that there is "no doubt" that such activity "affects the Schalit affair."

Mazini said that "it is very possible that we will cut off contact," warning that this will turn the issue into something similar to that of missing IAF navigator Ron Arad.

Cut off contact? What contact? You mean the Red Cross visits? The non-existent Red Cross visits? The phone calls, the videos, the verifiable evidence that Shalit is still alive? Never happened. One letter and one audiotape in almost 19 months, both of which were obviously made under duress and neither of which can conclusively be dated (despite the reference in the latter to "one year")? The repeated promises of pathological liars and murderers who have no accountability to anyone for their words? What contact???

It seems to me that "the issue" turned into something "very similar to that of missing IAF navigator Ron Arad" long ago. Sadly. If Hamas had evidence that Gilad was alive, they'd be dangling it in front of the family and the Israeli public and it would no doubt generate understandable pressure for capitulation and appeasement. Instead, they're trying for the capitulation and appeasement gratis, and twisting the knife as they do.

There's a special corner of hell reserved for these vermin. I hope and pray their arrival is accelerated expeditiously.